Single/Album Reviews

Paramore – Rose Colored Boy

Releasing the fourth music video from After Laughter, Paramore are killing it with the visuals for this album. In a 70s/80s style news broadcast, you watch Hayley Williams fake her way through a news broadcast, flipping between the high quality of today and a flickering, dull TV picture.

Waterparks – Entertainment

The three-piece band from Houston, TX that is slowly taking over lives just released their sophomore effort, Entertainment, and if you haven’t check it out already, you’re missing out.

Hot Mulligan – All You Wanted by Michelle Branch

The Michigan native band, Hot Mulligan, have officially announced their long-awaited debut album, Pilot, out March 23rd via No Sleep Records. In announcing their album, they released a new single “All You Wanted By Michelle Branch.”

Speak Low If You Speak Love – Safety Net

The solo brainchild of Ryan Scott Graham is thriving with the latest release “Safety Net”. The track comes from sophomore LP, Nearsighted, out January 19th.

Northbound – Fade to Black

If you’re looking for yet another great pop-punk bands to get behind, you have to check out Northbound. Off their 2017 EP, The Flaws In Everything, “Fade To Black” showcases everything the band is great at – fast passed track that bring nonstop energy, emo lyrics that you’ll be screaming out in no time, and thumping basslines that you can’t ignore.

The Used – Over and Over Again

The Used are diving into a new sound heading into 2018.  The emo legends have taken a chance on sound to what many are calling “Pandering to the radio crowd,” and “Hipster sell-outs.”

Mafalda – Don’t Let Go

Have you ever been searching around on SoundCloud for new music and stumbled across something that made you stop and repeat it a few times?

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