Shout Out To My Ex – Little Mix Review


Little Mix just dropped the Zayn breakup track we’ve all been waiting for.

If you don’t know a lot about the drama that surrounded Zayn leaving One Direction and breaking Perrie Edward’s heart…. Just read this. It was a mess.

So Little Mix being the boss girl band they are just released Shout Out To My Ex, which is everything I’ve ever wanted from them. They premiered the song live on The X Factor UK, where the girl group was formed. They have the best performances, I hope I get to see them live one days because it’s always just so put together and well executed.

The song starts off with Perrie calling out an ex (cough, Zayn, cough) for breaking up with her and pretty much getting with another girl (Gigi Hadid) right after. While Perrie seemed to be broken up about their break up at the time, this first verse proves that she’s come out stronger because of it.

The best lyric probably has to be:

“Guess I should say thank you for the ‘hate yous’ and the tattoos”

Because if you somehow missed that Zayn got Perrie’s face tattooed on his arm in 2013, around the time of their engagement, it was the most iconic and most talked about thing in the One Direction fandom.

In the bridge that focuses on Perrie singing the chorus alone, all four girls harmonize on down, the final word in the chorus. It gave me such goose bumps. Their voices just meld so well together and when they harmonize, it just works so well. I hope that’s what entering the gates of heaven sound like.

Make sure to check the song out on Spotify if you haven’t already!

The single shows the new era of Little Mix, as it’s the first single off their up coming album Glory Days, set to be released November 18. The vibe plays off the Get Weird, stereotypical pop vibe that worked for Little Mix. But they changed it up just enough that I cannot wait to see what the entire album has in-store.

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