Content Creation in Music

An artist can’t just release a single and not exist on the Internet outside of that. Social media, branded websites, TikTok, YouTube, and more are all driving factors in getting your song to gain traction and grow their career. As a fan, I know how creating that personal connection with their fan base is the most important driving factor of audience growth and radio and playlist placement. 

about Me

Like everyone trying to work in the music industry, music has been a guiding force in my life for over two decades now. It got me through the rough world that is high school. Concerts motivated me to get through all four years of undergrad. This drove me to use my journalism skills I was developing in classes to write for a few different small music blogs as a creative and fun outlet. This excited me to learn more about the entertainment industry.

In high school I began truly embedding myself in the fan girl culture. I became a Twitter obsessed, Tumblr fan blog runner focused on bands that because personality traits. Content creation has been the core of my hobbies and drove my education and now my career. Content based around music was the first I ever created and I’ve never fallen out of love with it. 

What Sony Artists have to say about starr

Starr has been a fan for a decade. From my 1D days to now Starr has been a strong supporter socially (and financially) at concerts, merch, and vinyl collection.

Harry Styles

We take credit for introducing Starr to music at the ripe age of 2. Did we sing her to sleep while she drank Mountain Dew in her dad's car while he drove through San Diego... Yes.


No one was a bigger advocate for my Animal album at 8th-grade dances than Starr. She's been a supporter of my music for years and I like to think she's grown with me.

morin nancy

Key Marketing Skills

Blog Writing

Website Management

Graphic Design


UX Design and Strategy

Brand strategy


Light Video and Audio Editing

Email Automation

Data Analysis / KPI Reporting

PPC Campaign Management

Crisis Management