Sit Still Look Pretty – Daya Album Review


I’ve fallen in love with Daya as an artist, and her debut album only helped that new found love.

Daya is only 17 and just released an amazing pop album. I wish I has that kind of talent and success this young!

I fell in love with Daya after the first time I heard Hide Away on the radio. I was in the car on the way to work when it came on and I got out of that car and immediately looked her up so I could remember after work.

Her collab with The Chainsmokers on Don’t Let Me Down is honestly insane. Her vocal talent is amazing! That’s probably a song that turned on the majority of new Daya fans like myself as it was such a huge hit for the three of them.

As for her debut album Sit Still Look Pretty, I’m obsessed.

If you haven’t listened to the entirety of Sit Still Look Pretty, you’re missing out. The few singles that she released off the album prior to the release set the tone for what to expect for the entire album.

You can even check it out on Spotify down below!

Of course everyone knows Sit Still Look Pretty, the song for which the album was titled after. This song, along with Hide Away, shows what Daya is all about. For only being 17, she knows what’s happening in the world. She’s now this positive role model for girls around her age that they can do whatever they want if they put their mind to it.

Every song on the album does not disappoint.

One of my new favorites is I.C.Y.M.I. The vibe of the song is one I’ve really been into lately and it shows Daya’s teen side. While she might be one of the worlds fastest rising pop stars, she still only 17 and has the same boy issue that we all face or have faced.

I cannot wait to see Daya live this March in Detroit! I’m positive she’s going to put on an amazing show and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

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