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D. Francisco’s Breaking Onto Scene With “I Want Ya”

D. Francisco’s debut single and music video for “I Want Ya” recently exploded onto the pop/dance scene. The multi-genre singer and songwriter combines classical operatic vocal styling, upbeat Latin-Pop lyrics and a modern dance energy in the track that channels back to the late 1990’s. Having spent a lifetime developing his craft, D. Francisco has […]

Review: RadaR’s The Wavelength EP, An Epic First Release

The latest release from indie dance rock band RadaR, takes a mash of funk, punk, and dance based rock and defines their epic sound. Their latest EP, The Wavelength Volume One, which was released on May 17th of this year, give the DC based band a new edge to the music scene. The EP opens […]

All About Guts Club’s Upcoming Release “Shit Bug”

February 2015, musician and video artist Lindsey Baker released her debut album The Arm Wrestling Tournament. Now her second album Shit Big is set to release on July 1st under Moderate Fidelity Records. Baker’s first album dealt with themes of love and hanging herself from her own insecurities, however the themes of Shit Bug explore […]

Get Ready for Fialta’s “Shadow of Drought”

California-based quartet Fialta are set to release their second full length record. The indie pop quartet release Shadow of a Drought in July 15, which features Sarah Shotwell, Beth Clements, Mike Leibovich, and David Provenzano. The album features a synth-leased, pop mediation about life in the 21st Century. Shadow of a Drought displays themes of […]

Review: Headed In A New Direction, Japancakes Release Self-Titles Album

Formed in 1996 out of a marathon jam session, Japancakes are headed in a new direction with the recent release of their self-titled album. The improvisational and often strictly instrumental band released several memorable records, however the addition of Carrie Clough’s vocals (formerly of Call and Response) brings together electronic elements and a more structured […]

Blink-182 Are Back

Blink-182 has been one of my favorite bands since I was 3 years old, thanks Dad. All The Small Things was probably the first song I knew all the words to and I sang it all the time. Blink-182 also inspired me when I was three to want to learn how to play the guitar, and that […]

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