This Town – Niall Horan’s Debut Single Review


This is not a post talking about how much of an angel Niall Horan is, but he is.

Niall Horan dropped This Town out of nowhere and holy crap it’s so good. This is not be being the massive One Direction fan that you know I am. This is me being a music lover.

It’s so good.

If you loved 2013 Ed Sheeran vibes, then this song will be right up your alley. Niall’s acoustic guitar playing and the soft piano are something that just works. I don’t know where Ed Sheeran is on his hiatus (but please come back I miss you) but it’s clearly embodied in This Town.

With lyrics of missing a girl who had your heart at some point just proves how much of a hopeless romantic Niall is.

In all honestly I’ve listened to it about 300 times already and it’s never going to get old. If you loved the Take Me Home era slower songs, then holy feels coming your way.

Also, can we talk about how this is just Niall for three minutes. Niall girls, are you still breathing?

If you haven’t checked out This Town, and you love acoustic, soft rock, Ed Sheeran, you HAVE to check this song out.

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