Trombone Studio Recital Showcases Oakland University Students’ Talents

Oakland University School of Music, Theater and Dance trombone students took to the Varner Recital Hall stage on Nov. 6 to give a performance of their semester’s work so far.

Austin DeDalis, Joshua Tobias, Tristan Hughes and Scott Voytush provided Oakland University students and community members an hour long performance.  The four students were accompanied by Dr. I-Chen Yeh on piano as they individually explored the works of Paul Hindenmit, Alexey Lebedev, Edward Gregson, Derek Bourgouis and Erick Ewazen.  With each trombonist exploring different musical themes, the night was filled with great music.

DeDalis opened the recital with Hindemith’s “Sonata for Trombone and Piano.” The four movement piece showed off DeDalis’ impressive range and ability to flawlessly execute fast runs.

Bass trombonist Tobias explored “Concerto No. 1” composed by Lebedev. Lower and slower than DeDalis’ solo, Tobias was able to show the audiences that flair on pieces doesn’t make it better.

The three movement “Divertimento” from Gregson showed the audience the various characteris of the trombone. Between the use of a mute and showcasing the range of the instrument, Hughes’ ability to do it all amazed the crowd.

Voytush explored the second and thirds movements of Bourgeois’ “Trombone Concerto, Op 114.” Combining elements of pop and jazz, Voytush showed the crowd a new world in classical music.

After a brief intermissions the four students took the stage in a quartet preforming Eric Ewazen’s “Myths and Legends.” Playing movements, one, two and four DeDalis, Tobias, Hughes and Voytush gave the audience a true show when Tobias ran off the stage mid third movement and returned with the final page of music for the piece that he had forgotten.

The School of Music, Theater and Dance put on a variety of performances through the course of a semester. Showcasing the talent that Oakland University student’s have to offer to students, faculty and the community, everyone has several options to see what students can do with music.

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