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So February 22 I went to see one of my favorite up and coming artists- Troye Sivan- at the House of Blues in Chicago and I wanted to share this experience with you all!

But if you don’t know who Troye Sivan is let me tell you!

Troye is a YouTuber from Australia. He is an amazing musician with his debut EP TRXYE charting extremely well! He released his first album, Blue Neighborhood, late last year and is currently touring that album. He is an LGBT+ advocate and genuinely an amazing human being. I highly recommend checking out his EP’s and album.

This is the first time I’ve seen Troye live and let me just say it was amazing.

Getting into the venue started with a long line that crossed the bridge and continued what seemed like across a street. There were girls there from 9am is what I heard. It was so cold so I have no idea how they did it. I feel like the venue should’ve opened the doors a smidge sooner and been more prepared for the huge line of fan girls. The line seemed to move fairly fast but getting bags checked if you had one seemed to hold a lot of people up, so glad I didn’t bring one!

The opening act was LANY, who I’d never heard anything from before but I’m now hooked! They’re really the 1975 mixed with the stage presence of Twenty-One Pilots. I’ve listened to their latest EP after the concert and am super impressed with them so it’s safe to say that I’ll really be listening to them and hopefully doing a review of their stuff soon, so stay tuned for that!

The lead singer, Paul, was super full of energy and really engaged the crowd even though a lot of us didn’t know them. I also was like so stunned by this boys presence. Like he came on stage and I was like he is feeling his music, he was so into it, and he is a very attractive human. Like hey if you’re reading this we made eye contact, let’s be friends.

Also not knowing who they were and loving their music made me question how much music is out there waiting for me to discover it and love it but I haven’t found it or been introduced to it!? So if you have any artists you think I should check out, especially newer or smaller artists please always feel free to comment them or tweet me them or yell them at me. Like I need to know all of the music that’s out there.

The time between their set and Troye was a super quick change. The stage was cleared with LANY’s equipment and Troye’s band’s stuff was pre-set behind there’s so it was super quick but it felt like they had a set time that he was going on stage so there was some dead time.

IMG_9678.JPGTroye erupted onto the stage opening with BITE. I was surprised because that song is powerful but it’s not a super pump-up song like most artists open with. He however did it well and really set the tone for the entire concert.

His music live took me to another world, it was preformed so well. His stage presence was energetic and he just took over the whole venue. He tried to connect with every audience member in the venue, like I was on the right side of the pit, not in it because it was full and that made me sad, and I feel like he actively tried to make us feel included. I feel like that is an amazing skill for a performer.

The stage was super simple, there was the band and three houses made of lights. The lighting for the show was amazing. From my view it was great and I could see a screen that was a front view of the stage and oh my god the lighting design is just so well done. It’s so orchestrated to the music more than any other concert I’ve been too. The lights were really all there was to the show, there were no screens with backing videos like One Direction has and I think that really shows Troye’s style as an artist.

The venue was packed but it was a fun time. I would definitely love to see LANY and Troye again as their music and performances were amazing!IMG_9648.JPG

I vlogged a decent amount of the concert and you should check that out hereif you want to hear and see mainly Troye (and some LANY because I was like WHO ARE THEY and intently listening).


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