Troye Sivan’s Suburbia Tour – Detroit


Troye Sivan is probably one of my favorite people to watch preform live.

After seeing him preform at The House of Blues in Chicago (which you can read about here), I knew I just had to see him love again. Troye’s performance that I saw last February, absolutely amazing.

If you haven’t seen Troye preform live, I’m so sorry. He’s a tiny human, but he can take up the entire stage with such a presence that I can’t describe.

When Troye announced the Suburbia Tour, I knew I had to attend. I texted my friend the screenshot I took of the tour dates, with “Detroit. We’re going.”

If I’m going to be honestly, knowing that I had this concert coming up was the reason I made it through two weeks.

We arrived to The Fillmore about an hour and a half before doors opened. This is the exact same time that we had arrived when we saw Alessia Cara a month before. This time instead of being about 40 back in line, we were 5 blocks back from The Fillmore.

At this point I was nothing more than confused. I knew Troye was big, but I was like WHY FANGIRLS WHY. And we had to change the flow of the line as it wrapped around back to the start and there were still more people arriving.

My roommate from last years friends were even further back than we were, so while the line changed what blocks we were all going down, I had them hop in line with us. I knew that they were going to be the ones that helped us get decent spots. And one is as big of a fan girl as me, so….

Once we made it through the doors at about 7pm, it was insane. There were over 1,000 people already in the venue and the show was sold out.

Luckily we had decent spots on the floor. We were no where as near to the front as I was for Alessia Cara, but we were in the center so I could at least see what was going on the entire stage this time.

The first opening act was Frankie.

Honestly, I wasn’t too impressed with her. I wasn’t really feeling her music and her stage presence was all over the place. Like her band was the thing I most enjoyed.

Honestly, cowbell guy if you’re reading this for some reason, you’re my MVP of that whole set.

The second opening act was Dua Lipa.


She was so amazing. Her songs were so unique yet catchy. There was one where there was a pause before the beat drop and I was like WHY HAS NO ONE ELSE DONE THIS.

Also, I’m now in love with her new single, you have to check it out.

Before Troye came on, the venue played Hotline Bling and Closer. About 3,000 people singing Closer wasn’t something I thought I needed but I’m glad it happened.

Once Troye took the stage everyone some how rushed up 20 feet. We were so packed together, it was honestly a little uncomfortable for a couple songs. Also, this girls hair was all up in my face and there was no saving myself for like three songs.

Troye always takes the stage with such energy. His entire show keeps that energy, and I just don’t understand how someone can have that much stamina too keep going for over an hour. I can’t even dance in my room alone for one songs without being exhausted.

I love watching the way he just owns every inch of the stage. He interacts with his band, and fans no matter if they’re in the front row or the upper balcony seating.

Can we talk about his vocal talent for a second?

Live, Troye sounds THE EXACT SAME as he does on his album. Like that’s my favorite thing with amazing artists. I love knowing that an artist puts all of their talent into a live performance like they do for recording their album. I don’t want to pay $20-over $100 depending on the show, to watch them lip-sync.

Honestly, I cannot wait for this boy to put out more music and go on another tour.

Like, Troye please take a break and work on an album just as amazing as Blue Neighborhood.

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