The Ultimate 2017 Summer Playlist


2017 has provided nothing but great music so far, this summer including. It feels like every week another amazing and catchy song is topping the charts, radio play and all over your friends playlists. And now that we’re about to enter into the main parts of summer, music is competing for the title “Song of the Summer”.

As for summer itself, music is what makes it. Having the right playlist for the right moments is essential to the perfect millennial summer. From road trips, beach days and just making it through the work day, having that playlist can make or break your summer.

Spotify is one of the best places to find the best playlist for summer.

I love Spotify for how easy it is to find the perfect songs at any moment. From their pre-built playlists to searching through your friend’s, there is no wrong playlist to stumble across.

Spotify makes music feel social too. Seeing what all your followers are listening to is an easy way to find your friends favorite tracks. (This probably sounds like #ad but it’s not, I promise! I just love Spotify.)

So far, I’ve been working on adding all my favorite songs for this summer to find in one place… aka this lovely playlist.

It contains my favorite songs from Hey Violet, Dua Lipa, The Killers, Calvin Harris and much more. And I keep adding to it. When I find a song that screaming SUMMER 2017, I make sure to add it to this playlist.

If you aren’t following me on Spotify, how are you going to see what I’m jamming out to in that moment. I listen to Spotify anytime I’m at work, writing for Indie Band Guru, working on this blog and crying over college. It’s the perfect way to see what my current faves are.

Check out my last summer playlist!

This playlist has been keeping me sane while working so far this summer. I cannot wait to see how it grows as the summer continues on. It’s going to be a great year for music and this summer is proving me right.

Question: What’s your ultimate summer song?

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