Upcoming Canadian Pop Sensation Rocks The Fillmore


After her chart topping hit, “Here”, Alessia Cara embarked on an epic North American tour.

Photo: Alessia Cara preforming at The Fillmore while in Detroit // Starr Brown

DETROIT- Thursday, Oct. 6 up and coming pop sensation Alessia Cara brought her Know-It-All Pt.II Tour to Detroit with an intimate show at The Fillmore.

Cara is known for her break out hit “Here”, her debut album Know-It-All is “one of the year’s outstanding breakout debuts” according to Billboard Magazine, and opened for Coldplay on their 2016 summer tour through Europe and U.S. It has been an insane year for the 20-year-old Canadian singer since the release of Know-It-All in November 2016.Cara’s album shows that she is a heroine for awkward outsiders, much like herself. This was conveyed in between songs where Cara talked about her own experiences which inspired her confessional album which topped the U.S. Billboard 200 chart at number nine.

After the show Cara told me outside the venue about how much traveling the country touring means to her. “I love meeting fans every night,” Cara explained. Cara also enjoys hearing the lyrics she put her heart and soul into sang back to her from the fans who changed her life.

“I know how much they appreciate it when I meet them every night
and I get to show them how much they mean to me one selfie at a

For nine-year-old Emily Kolar, this was her second time seeing Cara live. Kolar’s mother, Rochel, explained how much Kolar looks up to the singer. “Emily feels like an outcast and she’s only in the fourth grade, if [Cara] can make her feel better about herself, I can’t complain,” Kolar’s mom explained. Kolar even told me how much of a role model Cara is to her. “I want to be just like her when I grow up,” Kolar explained while waiting to meet Cara and Ruth B, one of the night’s opening acts, outside The Fillmore.

For many, the concert was a catharsis for everything fans had felt and were feeling in their lives. When Cara performed emotional ballad “Seventeen”, the entire venue sang along to lyrics about the pains of growing up. Many sang, several screamed, even a few tears were shed to the chorus. “Seeing [Cara’s] face light up when we all sang the lyrics she wrote back to her is something I’ll never forget” Brendon Walsh, a huge fan of Cara, sighed. This is concert goer Radvile Butkeviciute’s first time seeing Cara live and loved to hear the personal side of Cara between her songs. “It was such an amazing show,” Butkeviciute added.

Cara is one of the hopefuls for an upcoming Grammy nomination for her debut album Know-It-All and Billboard Magazine hopes she will be nominated for Best New Artist. Billboard Magazine features her on the cover of the Oct. 15 edition, on stands now, covering the Grammy previews and the Class of 2017 for the music industry.

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