It’s rare to find a duo that’s as hard-working as Violet Night. The two from British Columbia, Canada, are putting their rural hometown on the map thanks to their hard work and creativity. Armed with only their debut album Colors of You, Connor Pohl and T.J. Rounthwaite show their world they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Colors Of You is an album where no two songs are alike. Each song shows a new side of Violet Night and helps paint a complete picture. Much like a painter using different colors and brushes to make a painting, the duo uses their vast variety of influences and musical knowledge to create an album that truly showcases what they can do.

“We grew up on everything from heavy metal and rap to emo and pop. We try to create a colorful mosaic of all those influences when we write; we’ve never created with borders or put limitations on what we are allowed to sound like,” said Pohl. “We’ll always do whatever feels most honest to us at that moment in our lives, and I think we’ve done that here. We are really proud of the album and hope the hues presented complement yours: the colors of you.”

Violet Night Telling Profound Personal Stories

Violet Night uses each of the ten tracks on Colours of You to take you on a journey — their journey. Every song on the album has a purpose and advances the conversation musically and lyrically. Tracks like “Young Gun” and “Where We Began” create a more upbeat and pop feel, with tracks like “North” and “Sparks” tug at your heartstrings.

Send single before the album dropped, “Young Guns,” shows a unique perspective of Violet Night. Compared to their first single, “North,” “Young Guns” is your pop-punk song on the album. Its upbeat feel with lyrics full of feeling and push of quickly strummed electric chords push the anything-but-generic feel that the duo creates into an easily digestible sound for new fans.

Acoustic track “Sparks” helps slow down the album from the electric and dynamic opening. The lyrics create such vivid imagery that draws you into the exact moment and feeling they’re describing. While it’s a slower track with much less instrumentation, this doesn’t slow the duo down from impressing you with their incredible ability to send shivers down your spine. With the simplistic strumming of the acoustic guitar, cascading drum beats, and tear-jerking harmonies, everything is perfectly packaged together to push the emotion.

“Secrets” is unlike almost anything else on the album. Vast instrumental shifts accompany the synth-dominated track, and it draws you in with its massive chorus. The pop feel is something that The Chainsmokers or Maroon 5 might have conjured up, but it has the alternative and creative feeling that only Violet Night could produce.

Overall, Colours of You is anything but ordinary, but in a good way. It doesn’t fit into your typical genre boundaries, and that’s totally okay. In a society obsessed with trying to classify everything into a box, Violet Night isn’t letting you do that.

“We just wanted to make something to give to others what we’ve received from so many beautiful records. There are no words to describe the feeling we get as artists knowing the music is resonating with people and helping them, even if it’s just enough to get out of bed in the morning,” said Pohl.